A lot of news for SynOrg

A highlight on one of the last publications of SynOrg in an American periodical  » Chemistry and Engineering News « : this article is the fruit of a collaboration between the team of the fluoride biomolecules of the COBRA and the team of Pr. Charette (University of Montreal) which benefits from the excellent pulpit Labex SynOrg. These works were published within the framework of Amandine Pons’s thesis SynOrg framed by Philippe Jubault, Thomas Poisson, Xavier Pannecoucke and André Charrette. More information on www.lab-cobra.fr

The congress  » 22nd Young Research Fellows Meeting  » organized by the Company of French Therapeutic Chemistry took place from 04 till 6 February 2015. The theme of this year was « Chemistry and Biology », 10 plenary conferences, 33 oral communications, 40 flash presentations of poster and 171 posters were presented. The poster of the team of Tours presented by Camille Martin obtained the price(prize) ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, which rewards the best poster of the congress.