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> May 19th 2022 in Orléans (10.30 am): Conference presented by Dr. F. Cisnetti (University of Clermont Auvergne)

« From self-functionalizing complexes to an original organic fluorophore: the surprises of the NHC/copper/azide combination »

This conference will take place in the IRD Amphitheater (5, rue carbone – Campus Universitaire / Orléans-La Source)

Find here the poster of the conference : Cisnetti 2022

> June 17th 2022 in Rouen (10.30 am): Conference presented by Professor Antonio Massa (University of Salerno -Italia)

« Multicomponent and cascade reactions in the asymmetric construction of valuable heterocycles »

This conference will take place in the J-M POIRIER Amphitheater (IRCOF building – University of Rouen Normandy – Mont Saint-Aignan Campus). Professeur Massa is invited by Dr. Jean-François Brière.


Past events

> May 11th in Rouen (2.30 pm): Conference presented by Professor Antonino Mazzaglia (ISMN, CNR research institute of Palermo – Italia)

« Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Assemblies for Application in Nanomedicine »

Cette conférence aura lieu dans l’Amphithéâtre J-M POIRIER (Bâtiment IRCOF – Université de Rouen Normandie – Campus de Mont Saint-Aignan).

> April 25th 2022 in Rouen et April 29th 2022 in Caen : Conferences presented by Professor Norio Shibata  (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan and Labex SynORG Chair of excellence.

« C–F Bond: From Formation to Activation« 


> September 30th in Orléans : 9th Labex SynOrg Scientific Day

The day has alternated between lectures and oral presentations by second and third year PhD students. We had the honour and pleasure to welcome Professors Olivier BAUDOIN (University of Basel) and Gwilherm EVANO (Université Libre de Bruxelles) for two lectures.