Board of governance:
It will be composed of scientists (director of the LABEX and directors of the four laboratories), qualified representatives of governing bodies partners (two PRES and CNRS). It is chaired by Comue “Normandie Université” as the lead institution. It chairs the guidelines in four areas: research, training, valorization and administration/finance. It takes advice from its international scientific advisory board and from the expertise committee. It meets twice a year under the chairmanship of the leader partner. It holds an annual general meeting of the consultative assembly composed of all people active by SYNORG.
International Scientific advisory board:
It is composed of six international scientists and of two representative of industry. Its mission is to help define the best policies, to give its opinion on the scientific consistency and to evaluate the project of the call for proposal. It meets at least once a year. Its members are paid for each expertise.

  • Jonathan CLAYDEN
  • Jeiping ZHU
  • Pascal GEORGE

Executive committee:
It will be composed of a director (XavierPannecoucke) and four co-directors (Annie-Claude Gaumont, Vincent Levacher, Luigi Agrofoglio and Marie-Claude Viaud-Massuard), each in charge of one of the 4 departments noticed in the figure. The executive committee ensures the scientific coordination. It will be in charge of the attribution of the different research fundings.
Expertise committee:
It will be composed of the director of the LABEX and two representatives of each axis, and in charge of the evaluation of the different research fundings.