ICOA Orléans

ICOA is a research laboratory under the authority of University of Orleans and CNRS (UMR 7311), located on the campus of the University of Orleans in a modern, 4000 m² building. The main objective of the laboratory’s research activities is finding novel bioactive molecules having potential applications as drugs or as components of cosmetic formulation. The scientific approach to these new molecules involves design by molecular modeling techniques, preparation by organic synthesis, with a particular emphasis on heterocyclic compounds, carbohydrate derivatives and nucleoside analogs, extraction from plant material using high performance separation techniques and mass spectrometry analysis, and by enzymology, in order to identify and characterize the receptors of certain bioactive molecules. ICOA has numerous collaborations and partnerships in Region Centre, with other research laboratories such as CBM (CNRS UPR4301), forming with this laboratory a Research Federation (FR2708), with CEA (ICOA is correspondant academic laboratory LRC M09), with companies and through Clusters of Competitiveness. By its important scientific productivity, ICOA is a research laboratory having national and international recognition.