Our Conferences

On behalf of the International Advisory Board and the Local Organizing Committee of ICHAC, we wish to announce that ICHAC-XI will be held at the historic University of Caen Basse-Normandie in Caen (Normandy, France), June 14-19 2015. Caen is located on the west part of France close to the D-Day landing beaches and Le Mont St Michel and only 2 hours away from Paris.
Previous ICHAC editions have been organized every three years in the following countries: 2012 (Kyoto, Japan); 2009 (Oviedo, Spain); 2007 (Riverside, California, USA); 2004 (Shangai, China); 2001 (Lodz, Poland); 1998 (London, Ontario, Canada); 1995 (Seoul, Korea); 1992 (Riccione, Italy); 1989 (Albany, New York, USA); and 1987 (Kobe, Japan). For the eleventh conference, ICHAC returns to Europe and will take place for the first time in France.
Following the tradition of these conferences, ICHAC-11 will bring together organic and inorganic chemists from all over the world to share their interests in heteroatom chemistry, with applications in synthesis, catalysis, polymers, health and materials. Overall, the lectures and communications will explore the state of the art of heteroatom chemistry from many perspectives: heteroatom-bearing compounds as ligands in catalysis, organocatalysts, components of polymers and materials, understanding of heteroatom-heteroatom bonding, and synthesis of compounds bearing heteroatoms….
The conference program will consist of plenary and invited lectures, as well as short communications, poster sessions and exhibitions. The web site is under construction and you will soon find more details on this event.
Please book these dates: 2015, June, 14-19 to be sure to join us.

In 2015 , Jean -Philippe Bouillon organized via the SFC and the EDNC, the days  of Northwest European young researchers on 11 and 12 May 2015 at the Maison de l’Université in Mont Saint Aignan . The days of the Doctoral Norman School of Chemistry  will be held simultaneously.

Contacts: Jean- philippe.bouillon@univ -rouen.fr – yves.renard@univ -rouen.fr

Also in 2015 , will be the 19th meeting GFPP ( French group of peptides and proteins) from May 17 to 22 in Port Bail co- organized by Samuel Couve – Bonnaire .

More info at: http://gfpp.free.fr/wordpress/

In March 2016, Pierre- Yves Renard will be responsible for organizing the RECOB16 ( Meeting biological organic chemistry).

More info at: http://www.recob – tlse.org/about/index.html